Time is precious

I went to Lausanne in Switzerland for the weekend. The weather was stunning! The Cathedral is so beautiful. Each night, from 10pm to 2am, there is a  lookout who yells the time each hour from the top of the tower and if you are in a quiet street in town, you can hear the guy.

cathédrale de Lausanne

On the Place de la Palud, you can also see an animated clock which rings every hour with stories, little characters and music. Very entertaining… but I don’t know how the neighbors cope with that.

horloge animée Lausanne

In the evening, we went to Nil Bleu ethopian restaurant. As you might know, they fast 5 months per yer with animal-free meals. So we ordered a vegetarian plate – 100% vegan. Lentils, carrots, beans with spices and herbs… you eat them with the bread called injera. This is quite sour on its own so you really have to eat it with the vegetables. We had a yummy and pleasant evening in a very welcoming place.

Nil Bleu - Lausanne - Suisse - vegan

Nil Bleu - Lausanne - Suisse - vegan


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