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vegan spätzle

German love spätzle – pasta which are usually made with eggs. So I was very happily surprised to find the vegan version at the local organic shop. You cook them for 10 minutes and you can accommodate with various vegetables.   spätzle vegan - allemagne

“ohne Ei” means “egg-free” 🙂

I also tried the “roulades” from Wheaty. roulés vegan WheatySo yeah, it was good but to be fair, it was quite similar to usual pasta.
spätzle vegan - allemagne


Winter land

I have the feeling that the winter is quite long here in Germany. In town, it’s 0 degree in the morning and at the top of the hills of the Odenwald, the snow hasn’t disappeared.

So when the weather is clear, it’s very nice to have a walk up there – as long as we are careful!

L'hiver en Allemagne

L'hiver en Allemagne

L'hiver en Allemagne

Last night, I cooked some “vol-au-vent” which are vegan and organic. They come from Löwenzahn. Here in Germany, we call them blätterteigpasteten and they are made with spelt flour.

bouchées à la reine vegan et bio

For the filling, I used zucchinis and soya creme. Delicious!