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village green

So here is the little story: I met in the street this very orthodox jewish couple and the man had a “Village Green” bag. Because I had heard of this restaurant, I asked him about it and we talked a little bit about vegetarian and vegan food in Jerusalem. But the wife did really appreciate that I talked to her husband out of nowhere. Anyway…

I finally went there (twice) – the restaurant is vegetarian with a good choice of vegan items clearly marked. I really enjoyed the food, especially their sauce peanuts-ginger 🙂





in the valley of nomansland

We left Jerusalem early in the morning and we drove for 2 hours: welcome to the Judean desert… it is so hot and the rocs are so high. I was very impressed by this hostile environment.

cable car of Masada


After taking the cable-car, here we are arrived to Masada, this ancient town / fortress built more than 2000 years ago for the Jewish to hide from the Romans. The visit was very interesting but again, it was too hot for me, I couldn’t think clearly and we had to stop. Next time, I’ll start the visit at 9am!





Massada, citerne souterraine