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I love travelling by train – you just sit and enjoy the view. And you fell asleep.

From London back to Frankfurt, you transit by Brussels-Midi train station. On my way to London, I did notice this green panel.


On my return to Germany, Tintin is the one who welcome passengers. He is my great hero!


One basic rule when I travel: I carry chocolate bars with me.

barres chocolat vegan

The Celtic one was bought in London at Holland and Barrett’s. I found the Zebra one at the organic shop based in Brussels-Midi train station. Very nice and handy shop with full of vegan products.

Now it’s time to catch my train!


French and gluten-free

In Strasbourg, there is this restaurant called “La Pause Quinoa” which offers gluten-free dishes. But then they did notice that lots of vegetarian people liked coming there so they decided to extend their menu with veggie options.

La Pause Quinoa - Strasbourg

I went there and asked for vegan items and I treated myself with a crispy pizza with tapenade and onions. I also chose a creamy dessert with red fruits and pears. Amazing!

La Pause Quinoa - Strasbourg

La Pause Quinoa - Strasbourg

Time is precious

I went to Lausanne in Switzerland for the weekend. The weather was stunning! The Cathedral is so beautiful. Each night, from 10pm to 2am, there is a  lookout who yells the time each hour from the top of the tower and if you are in a quiet street in town, you can hear the guy.

cathédrale de Lausanne

On the Place de la Palud, you can also see an animated clock which rings every hour with stories, little characters and music. Very entertaining… but I don’t know how the neighbors cope with that.

horloge animée Lausanne

In the evening, we went to Nil Bleu ethopian restaurant. As you might know, they fast 5 months per yer with animal-free meals. So we ordered a vegetarian plate – 100% vegan. Lentils, carrots, beans with spices and herbs… you eat them with the bread called injera. This is quite sour on its own so you really have to eat it with the vegetables. We had a yummy and pleasant evening in a very welcoming place.

Nil Bleu - Lausanne - Suisse - vegan

Nil Bleu - Lausanne - Suisse - vegan

Lasagna verde

I was very pleased to have lunch at Le Potager du Marais in Paris – it was raining and I gratefully sat in this very cosy restaurant. The menu is 100% vegan and, I have to say, very tempting… so I went for the lasagna with spinach, which was the comforting food I really needed after 3 hours walking in the cold. It was tasty, warm and delicious. The salad was fresh with a perfect dressing.
Le Potager du Maris - restaurant vegan - Paris

The waiter was very friendly and I felt very welcomed. I’ll definitely come back!


All about love

I went for the weekend in Paris – I used to live there but I still enjoy visiting this wonderful city, full of lights and dirt. I went to “Le Pont des Arts”, always amazed by this amount of padlocks. Beautiful scenery but as you may know, this very old bridge is falling apart because of the weight.

Ponts des Arts - Paris

Ponts des Arts - Paris

Ponts des Arts - Paris

Going to Paris means, to me, having a meal at Loving Hut in the 11th arrondissement. I love the place, the people and of course, the homemade and fresh vegan food. I was also pleased to see how packed it was on a saturday evening. Next time, I better book a table.

spring rolls and rice - Loving Hut, Paris

Riz aux légumes et nems croustillants – Loving Hut, Paris

vegan burger - Loving Hut, Paris

Burger vegan avec frites et “homemade” ketchup



zen burgers

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv Right in the center of Tel-Aviv you can eat absolutely stunning vegan burgers – Buddha Burgers is one of those places where you could come back every day.

You can order a burger or a wrap but they also have very filling and fresh smoothies. each time I was there, lots of people were ordering so clearly, this is a well-known place.

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv