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zen burgers

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv Right in the center of Tel-Aviv you can eat absolutely stunning vegan burgers – Buddha Burgers is one of those places where you could come back every day.

You can order a burger or a wrap but they also have very filling and fresh smoothies. each time I was there, lots of people were ordering so clearly, this is a well-known place.

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv

Buddha Burgers Tel-Aviv


veggie community

I heard about Amirim a few weeks before my travel so I was quite excited about it. Can you imagine? An entire vegetarian community living in a hill, sharing the same values and enjoying gorgeous food. It was even better than I thought.



Amirim is in the Golan area of Israel and there is only road to reach the hill. Once you arrive, then you can see lots of houses and a few guest hotels. We saw a few dogs, cats and goats walking around.


We went to Dalia’s restaurant for lunch. We ordered the usual local lunch and when we saw all the dishes, we knew we would be in trouble. Everything was so tasty: the soup starter, the hummus, the tender cauliflowers, the sweet dates filled with rice, the falafels… I mean, it took us ours to finish the plates.

And having a dessert looking at the Sea of Galilee while drinking a light tea is just heaven. I will definitely come-back.

amirim- the vegetable soup

amirim – the vegetable soup

vegan feast

amirim – vegan feast

amirim - the cake and the sea

amirim – the cake and the sea

The only down side though is the language – quite hard to discuss with people when you do not know Hebrew. For next time I guess…

jerusalem – old town

Welcome to Jerusalem’s labyrinth! You enter by one of the Gates and either you follow the signs or you accept to be lost all the times.

I loved it! You are part of the History, you are in the Centre of the World and you just enjoy the experience. Four areas: armenian, jewish, christian and muslim. Yes, you will feel some tension but you also notice that they are doing their best to all live together. I mean, the old town is quite small in total…


You will find lots of shops and tourists so I tried to focus on the residential streets.




The market is the main way in and out – they sell very pretty things.


Each time, I was like: how does it look like behind those walls? which kind of house is this? how do the people who live here look like? I was so curious…


And then, this is the end of the day and you can feel that the atmosphere is changing… and you end up looking at the origin of everything. The wailing wall and the dome of the rock.

Wailing wall