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vegan spätzle

German love spätzle – pasta which are usually made with eggs. So I was very happily surprised to find the vegan version at the local organic shop. You cook them for 10 minutes and you can accommodate with various vegetables.   spätzle vegan - allemagne

“ohne Ei” means “egg-free” 🙂

I also tried the “roulades” from Wheaty. roulés vegan WheatySo yeah, it was good but to be fair, it was quite similar to usual pasta.
spätzle vegan - allemagne


Winter land

I have the feeling that the winter is quite long here in Germany. In town, it’s 0 degree in the morning and at the top of the hills of the Odenwald, the snow hasn’t disappeared.

So when the weather is clear, it’s very nice to have a walk up there – as long as we are careful!

L'hiver en Allemagne

L'hiver en Allemagne

L'hiver en Allemagne

Last night, I cooked some “vol-au-vent” which are vegan and organic. They come from Löwenzahn. Here in Germany, we call them blätterteigpasteten and they are made with spelt flour.

bouchées à la reine vegan et bio

For the filling, I used zucchinis and soya creme. Delicious!

Vegan Christmas biscuits

I don’t know about you but I had tons of biscuits and chocolate during Christmas. The thing is, as it was my first Christmas in Germany, I really wanted to try all the local traditional yummy bits and bobs.

All the organic shops were selling vegan versions of those desserts… how wonderful 🙂

vegan biscuits germany

They are usually made with spices. The Pfeffernüsse are small biscuits made with cloves, cinnamon and anis. The Elisenlebkuchen are nuts and almond cookies with lemon and orange savour.

My favorite one? The Walnusskuchen, a cake made with walnuts and chocolate.

It’s beginning of January now and I am glad I still have a few left to keep me happy during the winter 🙂


Pizza party

In my local organic shop, I did notice this vegan pizza from “Natural Cool” – I was quite curious. it is a pizza with tomato sauce, grilled vegetables and vegan salami slices. I added some Wilmersburger cheese.

pizza vegan - allemagne

The pizza is very good, crispy with generous topping. But I must say, the tomato sauce was way too spicy for me… my poor tongue still remembers my lunch.

pizza vegan - allemagne


I love travelling by train – you just sit and enjoy the view. And you fell asleep.

From London back to Frankfurt, you transit by Brussels-Midi train station. On my way to London, I did notice this green panel.


On my return to Germany, Tintin is the one who welcome passengers. He is my great hero!


One basic rule when I travel: I carry chocolate bars with me.

barres chocolat vegan

The Celtic one was bought in London at Holland and Barrett’s. I found the Zebra one at the organic shop based in Brussels-Midi train station. Very nice and handy shop with full of vegan products.

Now it’s time to catch my train!

Cake paradise

Let’s go to Ms Cupcake! It is a 100% vegan bakery located in Brixton in the south of London. And look at what they propose… muffins, cakes, cookies, scones… I just couldn’t choose 🙂

Ms Cupcake - pâtisserie vegan - Londres

Ms Cupcake - pâtisserie vegan - Londres

After several long minutes of thinking and deeply breathing, we ordered the Victoria sponge cake and a giant muffin. With a warm cup of rooibos tea. How cool life is!

Ms Cupcake - pâtisserie vegan - Londres

Ms Cupcake - pâtisserie vegan - Londres